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Affordable and Complete Coverage

Builder warranties protect your investment, but only cover you for a year or two at most. However; as your system ages, maintenance and repairs become more vital than ever. So how do you ensure the systems your family counts on stay up and running when you need them most?  Villara has a solution for you called Comfort Club.

This comprehensive extended warranty and maintenance plan is provided directly by Villara; the installer of your heating and cooling system, so you know your system will be maintained to our exacting standards.

Villara’s Comfort Club is an affordable, program that ensures maximum efficiency and the lowest utility bills possible. A build-up of just one-twentieth of an inch of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a 21% decrease in efficiency. If your heating and cooling bill is $150 a month, you could be paying about $30 a month, or $360 a year more than you should!

“Even if you buy the most reliable air conditioning system, it can let you down if you don’t keep it up.”


For just pennies a day, the Comfort Club provides annual maintenance, cost-free repairs, and some plans cover 100% parts and labor. With Villara’s Comfort Club, there are never hidden deductibles.

Comfort Club Member Benefits Include:

    • Priority Scheduling
    • Annual/Semi-Annual tune-ups
    • Prolonged lifespan of equipment
    • Pay-as-you-go and fully transferable at no cost
    • 36 point heating and cooling inspection checklist
    • Improved indoor air quality from regular maintenance
    • Protection from unexpected component failures and costs
    • 10% discounts on all upgrades and non-covered service or repairs.
    • Silver and Gold plans include 100% parts and labor coverage with no co-pays.

A chart showing the different benefits of the Comfort Care Plan

When you join Comfort Club, you take top priority and never have to deal with a 3rd party. You are OUR customer and part of the club. There are no long-term commitments so you can maintain your membership for as long as you desire. You can “opt-out” at any time if you’re not fully satisfied. Additional plumbing coverage may also be available in some cases.

Call Us Today!

Comfort Club is only available to customers with Villara systems installed in their homes, who purchase coverage before their home builder’s warranty expires. Don’t get caught without coverage! Most builder warranties end one year after your move-in date, so join the club today and enjoy the peace of mind that come with knowing you are protected.

Why do I need a Warranty and Maintenance Plan? It all comes down to the dollars and cents:

Call us  at 916-646-2701 to get started or for more info about Comfort Club.

Download the Comfort Club Brochure HERE!

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